scoutTHREAT - Version 12.4.6 Release Notes
Written by Benjamin Dewey
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Release Version 12.4.6
August 23, 2022

From The Product Team

To ensure that scoutTHREAT is updated to the current version, follow these steps:

  1. In Google Chrome, click on the three dots in the top-right corner of the browser.

  2. Select More tools then Developer tools.

  3. Click the two arrows (>>) and select Application

  4. Expand the Local Storage header

  5. Right click on the URL for scoutTHREAT and select Clear

  6. Follow the same steps for scoutTHREAT URLs under the Session Storage and Cookies headers.

What's New

Issues Fixed

  • Resolved an issue which would sometimes result in incorrect sorting by created and modified date

  • Resolved an issue which could lead to Information Reports not being updated

  • Resolved an instance where search results wouldn't return existing scheduled Threat Queries

  • Added the ability to sort items on the Workbench page

  • Resolved an issue preventing Threat Actor reports from being properly exported

  • Resolved an issue preventing checklists from being visible from within an Information Report

Known Issues

  • In certain instances, object published dates show incorrect dates

  • Some screenshot attachments are deleted without user intervention under certain circumstances

  • 401 error can display when accessing scoutTHREAT via LookingGlass Suite.

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