scoutTHREAT - Observables Overview
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According to STIX 2.1, Observables are captured artifact objects such as an IP address, a network connection, a file, or a registry key.

Here are the Observable items that you can add on scoutTHREAT:

  • Domain

  • URLs

  • MAC Addresses

  • IPv4 addresses

  • IPv6 addresses

  • Email Addresses

  • Email Messages

  • Mutex

  • Files

  • Windows Registry

  • Autonomous System (ASN)

  • Software

  • Network Traffic

  • Process

An Observable may be used by itself (without relationships) to convey raw data collected from any source including analyst reports, sandboxes, and network and host-based detection tools.

An intelligence producer conveying this artifacts should include as much context as possible to utilize this data for improved security.

Observables can capture that a piece of information was seen one or more times. Meaning, it can capture both a single observation of a single entity (file, network connection) as well as the aggregation of multiple observations of an entity.

For more information on Observable Data, review STIX 2.1 documentation online.

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