scoutINSPECT - Filter Items in My Inventory Table (Updated)

Updated for Version 2022.3.M

Written by Benjamin Dewey
Updated over a week ago

The My Inventory table allows you to use filters to quickly find assets by type, owner, and tag.

Here are a few ways to filter or sort the items on the table:

By Using the Filter Field

On the My Inventory table, look for the Filter field and type in a keyword (i.e., an asset's IP address, domain name, or, a service name, port number, exposure name, etc.). Then, click Filter.

You can also click on Filter and use more filter options.

Here you can filter by:

  • Type

  • Source domain

  • Owner

  • And, tag

By Clicking on a Graph

You can also filter items on the table by clicking on any of the graphs on the first half of the page.

The second half of the page will display the filter that was applied when you clicked on the graph. The table will also be sorted based on what was clicked.


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