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Written by Benjamin Dewey
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The second half of the Inventories page shows a table listing the assets in your inventory. The table offers information on asset Type, Name, Source Domain, Inventory Details, Owner, date of Last Seen, and Tags.

  • Type - Asset types can include: Software, Network Service, DNS Record, etc.

  • Name - The name of the asset can be represented by an IP address or the name of a software/service (e.g., Apache, Telnet, etc.).

  • Source Domain - A domain linked to particular exposure or inventory. It can also be a subdomain of a seed domain.

  • Inventory Details - Pertinent details about the asset in the inventory. The types of details will vary from asset to asset.

  • Owner - Who in the team owns the asset.

  • Last Seen - When the issue was last updated.

  • Tags - Labels used to identity assets (e.g., "Finance Server," "Application Server," "Main domain name," etc.).

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