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When you click on the name of an asset from the Inventory table, a page will load with details about the asset.


#1. This section shows the asset name. Below is background information about the what the asset is or other details. You can add a tag for the asset here as well.

#2. This section contains details about the asset's status (e.g., Active, Inactive), date the asset was discovered, date the asset was last modified, and its owner.

Depending on the asset type, the page may also display additional information boxes as shown below:

#3. Inventory Details - Provides information about the type of asset, including the software version (if any), category, description, source (IP address), raw, vendor, website (if applicable), cpe, product, etc.

#4. Related Inventory - Provides information about any other assets in the inventory that are related to the asset (e.g., Network Services, DNS Record, etc.) Depending on the asset type, this box can contain details on the software version (if any), ip_str, name (e.g., http), cpe, OS type, port number, etc.

NOTE: You may have several Related Inventory records about an asset on the page.

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