scoutTHREAT - Viewing Information Reports
Written by Benjamin Dewey
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Follow these steps:

1. To view Information Reports from TICE or those created by you or others in your team, navigate to Information and click on Information Reports.

2. Already existing Information Reports will be listed on the page with Name, Type, date Created and Modified.

3. Click on the name of the report you want to view.

Each Information Report will contain fields or options for including these types of data:

  • Report name

  • Description

  • Relationship objects

  • External References

  • The report's type or subject matter (e.g., Malware, Indicator, Threat Actor, etc.)* Published date

  • Any related objects (e.g., intelligence object profiles, other reports, etc.)

  • File attachments

  • Checklists

  • Notes

  • And your Opinion for the level of agreement or disagreement on the report's information.

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