scoutPRIME - Release Notes (2023.1.C)
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Version 2023.1.C - February 16, 2023

From The Product Team

New Workspace Dashboard

For this release, we're excited to unveil the new scoutPRIME Workspace Dashboard!

The new page design features visual graphs that provide collection activity details, statuses, and latest risk scores. In addition, users now have the ability to select their top three collections and pin them to the dashboard, making it easier for them to manage key collections and their elements.

With this enhancement, users will be empowered to monitor high-risk collections with ease and take mitigating actions as soon as TIC scores rise.

Let's explore the new Workspace Dashboard sections:

Overall Risk Score

This section provides an overall TIC or risk score for all the collections that exist in the workspace.

The example above shows an overall score of 86 for all the collections in the Acme LTD Workspace. Similarly, your collections will also get a combined TIC score.

โ€‹TIC History shows activity in the past seven days. This graph can help you visualize the daily criticality level for all combined workspace collections.

You can also click See All Collections to get access to a complete list of all workspace collections.

Critical and Elevated Collections

This section will display the collections in your workspace that are elevated and most critical, as well as their corresponding TIC score. The horizontal bars may display the following colors:








Low or normal

The graphic will also show how the criticality level has increased (e.g., Up 54.5%) or decreased (e.g., Down 2.9%) over the past seven days.

Collections Overview

The Collections Overview's donut graph offers a glimpse into which element types are most common in your collections. Element types include, ASNs, FQDNs, Owners (or Registrants), IPs, and CIDRs.

Associations by Risk Category

Associations by Risk Category will show the types of vulnerabilities or threats that are most prevalent in your collections and/or member elements. Some of these risks can include, vulnerable services, botnet infections, etc.

Pinned Collections

Pinned Collections section will display the top three collections in your workspace. Each set will include:

  • The name of your collection

  • The collection's overall Risk or TIC Score

  • New Risk Associations (threats or vulnerabilities) and corresponding TIC score

  • The TIC score for elevated elements in the collection

  • And, the date of discovery or system scan

To view view more details about the collection, click See Collection. To view all threats and vulnerabilities, click View All Associations.

To select which collections you want displayed under Pinned Collections whenever you log in, click Select Collections and make mark the checkbox. You can also look for the collection(s) in the search box. Click Reset to uncheck all boxes.

Let us know what you think of the new scoutPRIME Dashboard! Send us an email at [email protected].


New Navigation (Coming soon!)

scoutPRIME's next release will feature a newly designed navigation bar!

The new navigation will provide you with links to the usual great scoutPRIME features (e.g., Collection Management, Element Details, etc.), but also allow you to switch to LookingGlass Suite, or another licensed product.*

User Documentation articles may already contain screen captures of the new navigation bar, but the feature will be a reality on the platform in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

* Requires an active product subscription.


Updated Table Designs

In our last software release, 2022.4.Z, we introduced new design updates to tables in various sections, including Notifications, Reports, and Element Details - History. This release introduces more table design updates! The touch-ups may be very subtle and have been applied to the font/font color, buttons, table padding, etc. The following sections' tables feature new updates:

  • Collection Management page

  • Element Details page

  • Associations History

  • Element Details - Owner

  • Element Details - DNS History

  • Notifications Log

  • Workspace Management (Admin)

  • User Management (Admin)

  • Group Management (Admin)

Example: Collection Management's Updated Table Design

Bug Fixes, Enhancements, & Past Release Features


Release Version

Feature Name, Enhancement, or Bug Fix




  • New Workspace dashboard

  • Updated table designs

  • General stability improvements and bug fixes

  • Click here for information about the new Workspace dashboard and its sections.

  • Full details on the updated table designs can be found, here.




  • Redesign for certain tables.

  • Notifications for new risks

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed a bug in the Schedule New Reports page.

  • Redesign for the tables in the Notifications, Reports, and Element History sections.

  • Users can now create notifications when the system discovers a new risk (either a new threat or vulnerability).

  • We fixed an issue that affected the behavior of the radio buttons under "Select Collections to Include in the Report."



Bug Fix:

  • Fixed bug in Associations list panel.

  • The Associations list panel on the left side of the Element Details section now displays items correctly without cutting off.




  • Sorting for Risk Type Column



Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed DNS History columns

  • Reports "All" text button fixed


  • Exporting vulnerabilities for Active Elements

  • The "Points To" column in FQDN details is again visible.

  • When generating an Association Daily Activity report, users can now click on the "All" text or radio button to make their selection.

  • Vulnerabilities are now exportable as .csv files under Active Elements.

Known Defects We're Working to Solve

Defect Number


API Documentation

Please be aware that users cannot make API test calls or requests using the "Try It" feature on the scoutPRIME API Documentation website. Even with a valid token, calls via the "Try It" feature do not go to customer servers. We will enable this feature in the future.


When exporting elements from the Threat Element Details page, hashes are omitted and do not appear in the CSV file.

Known Limitations

Defect Number




scoutPRIME does not support Unicode



Unable to view more than 1 million elements in Elements History


Past Release Notes

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