scoutINSPECT - Release Notes (2022.4.V)

Version 2022.4.V - October 24, 2022

Written by Benjamin Dewey
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Version 2022.4.V

October 24, 2022

From The Product Team

  • This release included general stability improvements and bug fixes.

  • If you missed the information on the new design for the Inventories and Exposures tables, and the new option for users to export table elements as CVS files, you can read about it here.

Bug Fixes, Enhancements, & Past Release Features


Feature, Bug, or Enhancement



  • UI enhancements

  • Table optimization

  • Bug fix

  • Collection frequency information

  • Made UI enhancements to the inventory assets and exposures issues tables to improve navigation.

  • Boosted the loading speed of inventory assets and exposures issues tables.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented viewing some LookingGlass Suite users in scoutINSPECT's My Team section.

  • Collection frequency information can now be found by clicking the arrow next to the organization name in the My Team, Networks, and Domains sections.


  • UI improvements

  • Made stylistic improvements to the Issue Trends (under Exposures section) and the Total Inventory/Owners graphs. Numbers now appear within the pie charts for greater accessibility.


  • New single sign-on with LookingGlass Suite

  • "Source domain" added to filters

  • Added search features

  • Users can now login to scoutINSPECT, as well as switch to using other of our products with the new single sign-on solution, LookingGlass Suite.

  • Added a "source domain" filter to both the inventory and exposures tables.

  • New search features added within networks, domains, and teammates.


  • Cyber Monitor links added to scout INSPECT login page

  • Improvements to Top Exposure Threats graph

  • Ability to subscribe to LookingGlass's Cyber Monitor reports.

  • The Top Exposure Threats graph is easier to understand. Now, when you hover or click on a circle of detected exposures, the number shown there will also reflect the number of items listed on the exposures table below.


  • About section

  • New LookingGlass Suite Navigation Bar

  • Added About section under account management for users to view the software version that they are using.

  • The LookingGlass Suite Navigation Bar now appears at the top of the page.


  • License information when adding and removing networks and domains.

  • The number of days left for the next data collection

  • Improved table filter feature

  • License information is now available when adding and removing networks and domains.

  • The number of days left for the next data collection was added to the Account Management section, and when adding new networks and domains.

  • Enhanced filtering features were added for managing items in the Exposures and Inventory tables.


  • Details Added to Top Threat Exposures

  • Added more information on how Top Threat Exposures works.

Known Issues We Are Working To Solve

There are no reported issues for this version at this time.

Previous Release Notes

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