scoutINSPECT - Version 2022.2.J Release Notes

Version 2022.2.J - May 9, 2022

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scoutINSPECT Release Notes

Version 2022.2.J

May 9, 2022

Release Highlights

LookingGlass scoutINSPECT v2022.2.J includes several important enhancements and functionalities, including:

A completely new User Interface (UI) which includes dashboards with data charts and graphs that provide cybersecurity analysts with essential snapshots of important information and data.

Easily view data on asset exposures and assets at risk, incident response efforts, and more.

Asset Inventory
Keep abreast of your organization's digital footprint with detailed views of your DNS records, domains, IP addresses, software, services, and more.

  • Richer data on cyber threats, including vulnerabilities, and mitigation solutions.

  • Powerful incident respond features to exposures and the ability to share reports among team members or those outside your organization with ease.

    Faster and enhanced scanning of your online assets across the Internet.

    Executive Reports

    Generate attractive PDF reports that provide summaries of top exposures, risky assets, and inventory hot spots.

    Known Issues

    There are no reported issues for this version at this time.

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