scoutPRIME - Release Notes (2022.3.S)

Version 2022.3.S - September 22, 2022

Written by Benjamin Dewey
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Version 2022.3.S

September 22, 2022

From the Product Team

This release includes exciting enhancements and improvement to the platform's Reports section, and general bug fixes.

What's New


This release includes several enhancements to Reports, including changes to report names, section headers within the PDF file, and data improvements.

The Details

One exciting improvement is that the Collection Health Summary report, the Association Daily Activity report (formerly "Threat Association Daily" report), and the Collection Scorecard report can now include vulnerability data, aside from threat data.

When running reports, users will be able to choose to generate PDF files that contain the types of risk associations they want to see - Threats, Vulnerabilities, or All.

Finally, the section name headers within the report PDF have been updated to the following:

  • "Total Threat Associations By Risk Category" is now, "Total Associations By Risk Category"


  • "Top Collections by Threat Association Count Increase" is now, "Top Collections by Associations Count Increase"

  • "Top Collections by Threat Association Count Decrease" is now, "Top Collections by Association Count Decrease"

  • "Threat Association Count by Risk Category" is now, "Association Count by Risk Category"

NOTE: New report name modifications will be reflected in notification emails, the PDF of the report, and in report history.

Bug Fixes & Past Release Features


Release Version

Feature Name, Enhancement, or Bug Fix




  • General bug fixes



  • Fix login bug

  • TIC time decay removal

  • Fixed bug for scheduled reports

  • Fixed a bug that logged out some users one hour after they had log in.

  • Removal of time decay for TIC scores. Customers should expect increases to TIC scores with this new change, but scores will adjust over time.

  • A bug where the system attempted to run a scheduled report on a previously deleted collection has been fixed.



  • General stability and bug fixes

  • scoutPRIME will now show more new data/information as well as less false positives for expired SSL certificates.



Bug Fix:

  • Column alignment for "Source" is off-centered

  • Login improvements

  • Fixed alignment of items listed under "Source" column in DNS Records details page.

  • Improvements to user single sign-on solution.



Bug Fix:

  • Search errors


  • scoutPRIME data backup improvements


  • Access to API documentation and improvements.

  • A bug creating multiple errors when using search was fixed.

  • scoutPRIME is now using a more robust data backup system.

  • scoutPRIME API documentation can now be temporarily accessed through the LookingGlass Knowledge Base.

    Endpoints have been updated with new endpoints added, as well as removal of deprecated ones.

Known Defects

Bug Number and Date



8204 (9/22/2022)

When trying to run an "Association Daily Activity" report, clicking on the text for "All" under "Select association types to include in the report" will not work. You must click on the radio button itself.

8148 (9/8/2022)

You may experience two "Points To" columns in FQDN details page.

We hope to fix this in the next release.

Known Limitations

Defect Number




scoutPRIME does not support Unicode



Unable to view more than 1 million elements in Elements History


Past Release Notes

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