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LookingGlass Suite - Release Notes - June 2022
LookingGlass Suite - Release Notes - June 2022

Version 2022.2.L

Written by Benjamin Dewey
Updated over a week ago

Release Version 2022.2.L

June 2022

From the Product Team

Welcome to the first release of LookingGlass Suite -- your new single sign-on solution for accessing LookingGlass cybersecurity products!

Aside from the ability to quickly access our product portfolio, LookingGlass Suite also brings you Global Intelligence Search (GIS) -- a feature that allows to quickly search for intelligence items across our line of products.*

*Requires active subscription/license to scoutPRIME, scoutINSPECT, or scoutPRIME.


  • Single Sign-On to scoutTHREAT and scoutPRIME

    Logging in to scoutTHREAT or scoutPRIME is now easier than ever with LookingGlass Suite. Use the page's drop-down menu to switch from product to product without the need of more login screens.

  • Admin and User Role: Global Intelligence Search

    The platform's landing page provides you with the opportunity to use Global Intelligence Search to query IP addresses or FQDNs across LookingGlass' line of products -- scoutTHREAT*, scoutPRIME*, and scoutINSPECT.*

    * Requires active subscription/license.

  • Admin Role: Manage Licenses for Organizations

    When managing threats in real-time, customers’ needs can change in an instant. With LookingGlass Suite, you can easily activate, deactivate, and edit an organization’s product licenses.

  • Admin Role: Manage Users

    LookingGlass Suite allows you to add users to an organization, edit their account settings, reset passwords, set users to be active or inactive, and search the user accounts entered into the system.

    In addition, bulk actions allow you to manage multiple user accounts simultaneously, providing scalability, speed and efficient management.

Issues Fixed

Non-applicable - First software release.

Known Issues

STE-1235 - Blank Screen at Login/Logout

There is a known issue that can cause a blank screen to appear when logging out or logging in.

The current workaround is to manually reload the page, and/or delete browser cookies.

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