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Global Intelligence Search is the unified search hub for LookingGlass Suite. From this page, a single search will query data from LookingGlass scoutPRIME, scoutINSPECT, and scoutTHREAT and present unified results from all three products. From these results, users can link directly to each product for a more detailed view of the data.

The layout of Global Intelligence Search can be seen above. Details for each item can be found below:

1. Use the Search field to query scoutPRIME, scoutINSPECT, and scoutTHREAT for IP address or Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN).

2. Use the Filters button to show drop-down menus to filter results.

The Entity menu allows the filtering of results for either IP Address or Domain Name.

The Product menu allows the filtering of results by LookingGlass product.

3. Column headers show Entity, associated Product, Threat Index, and other Actions, as well as Name and Last Seen/Modified Date, both of which are sortable fields.

4. The scoutINSPECT, scoutPRIME, or scoutTHREAT button in the Product column links to the named product.

5. The View Details button in the Actions column links directly to the relevant analysis within the product named in the Product column.

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