LookingGlass Suite - Log In and Landing Page
Written by Benjamin Dewey
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Use the following steps to log in to LookingGlass Suite:

1. Ensure a connection to the relevant VPN.

3. Enter username and password

4. Click Sign In

If you encounter problems signing in to the LookingGlass Suite Dashboard or see a blank page load, contact a LookingGlass Technical Support for assistance at 1-866-553-0646 or send an email to [email protected].

After logging in, the landing page shown below will be visible.

Click the box for scoutINSPECT, scoutPRIME, or scoutTHREAT to navigate directly to that product with no need for an additional sign on.

Note that all links for all three products will be visible for all customers, regardless of subscription. Customers without a valid license for the product will be taken to a product information page.

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