scoutPRIME - Running Reports
Written by Benjamin Dewey
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To run ad-hoc reports, follow these steps:

1. From the navigation bar, click Reports.

2. Select Run Report from the left-hand navigation.

3. You can run various types of reports, including:

  • Collection Health Summary

  • Threat Associations Daily Activity

  • Collection Scorecard

Each type of report will require you to select different settings.

4. After you have made the respective selections for the type report you want, click Run Report.

To learn more about each of the report types, see: Managing Reports

5. A screen will confirm that the system is processing your request for creating a report.

6. After a few seconds, a PDF of the report will display on the screen. You can choose to download or email the report from the icon on the top right.

NOTE: Threat Association Daily Activity reports are emailed when ready because of the file size.

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