scoutPRIME - TIC Score Ranges
Written by Benjamin Dewey
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The system assigns scores ranging from 1-100 that categorizes the current threat risks associated with various system Elements. Higher numeric values indicate a greater threat potential.




Score: 10


Score: 75-100


Score: 50-74


Score: 1-49

Assigning a Score of Zero

When a score of zero is assigned to a threat, this tells the system not to include this in the calculations or the composite score. To get the system to ignore a threat, set the Criticality property score to zero, and the threat is no longer able to apply influence to any Elements automatically.


Q: What score can I expect when there is no malicious activity associated with a TIC Score?

A: If there are no threats or very little intelligence associated with a particular element, it receives a default score of 10.

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