scoutINSPECT - Release Notes - Version 2022.2.K

Version 2022.2.K - May 23, 2022

Written by Benjamin Dewey
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scoutINSPECT Release Notes

Version 2022.2.K

May 23, 2022

What's New

1. A new login portal.

2. Updates to Inventory Table

The table now features a new column for asset Inventory Details.

3. Other:

  • Several UI improvements for Section 508 compliance.

  • General bug fixes and enhancements.

Issues Fixed/Addressed

  • 771 - Fixed a bug in the Exposures table to allow for the proper display of selected entries when sorting.

  • 702 - Exposure Details column now display the full title text of the exposure.

  • 879 - User documentation now details the time range for certain Inventory and Exposures dashboard graphs.

Past Release Features or Bug Fixes


Feature, Bug, or Enhancement



  • New UI

  • Executive Reports

  • General bug fixes

  • Enhancements

scoutINSPECT's first LookingGlass Cyber release included a new UI and optimized features.

The release also included a new feature for creating executive reports.

Known Issues

There are no reported issues for this version at this time.

Previous Release Notes


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