scoutTHREAT - Adding to a Collection

scoutTHREAT and scoutPRIME Integration

Written by Benjamin Dewey
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1. To add a Relationship name or a new Observable object to the collection, click on the Prime icon, then on the plus sign.

2. In this example, we'll be adding a new Relationship to the collection. The Source will already display the name of the Threat Actor object. For Target, click inside the field to select from the drop-down menu.

In this example, the Target will be a domain name. Choose the Relationship Type, then click Add.

3. You will receive confirmation that the Relationship was created.

4. Next, click on the Prime icon, then on Send to scoutPRIME Collection.

5. Checkmark the box for the type of object you will be adding to the collection. Since we added a domain name for the example, we checkmark the Domain Name box. Click Send when you're finished.

6. Verify that the domain name is visible in scoutPRIME by clicking the link for FQDN, just below the collection's name to display the list of FQDN Elements collected.

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