scoutTHREAT - scoutPRIME Integration

scoutTHREAT and scoutPRIME Integration

Written by Benjamin Dewey
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scoutPRIME is a flagship LookingGlass product used to investigate, monitor, and manage the attack surface of companies and organizations in the supply chain (e.g., third-party vendors, contractors, subcontractors, etc.).

With scoutPRIME, analysts can scan the entire Internet to discover and learn about a contractor's assets (e.g., IP addresses, domains, etc.) and assess their risk to cyber attacks.

scoutPRIME and scoutTHREAT

scoutPRIME users can export Threat Actor intelligence objects that were created in scoutTHREAT or shared through TICE. This can be a useful feature for tracking Threat Actors that target industries and sectors in the supply chain.

scoutTHREAT supports creating scoutPRIME collections of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, as well as domain names associated with a particular Threat Actor. Collections can be updated with new intelligence at any time from scoutTHREAT to help an analyst build more complete profiles.

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