scoutTHREAT - Adding Notes to Objects
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Notes can provide further context or additional analysis to the intelligence object created or shared. Notes can be created by anyone (not just the original object creator).

For example, an analyst may add a Note to a Campaign object created by another organization indicating that they've seen posts related to that Campaign on a hacker forum.

Because Note are typically (though not always) created by human analysts and are comprised of human-oriented text, they contain an additional property to capture the analyst(s) that created the Note. (STIX Version 2.1)

Adding Notes

On the right side of the page, under Information, click on the Notes tab.

1. Click on +Add new.

2. Under Abstract you can add a brief summary of the note content, and under Content, you can add more details.

3. When you are done, click Save or Cancel. You can add as many notes as needed to this object. To make edits to a Note click the pencil icon. To delete it, click the trash can icon.

4. Clicking the Notes tab will show a list view of notes, including title, author, and date edited. Click each individual note to view its content.

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