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scoutTHREAT - Creating a Request for Information
Written by Benjamin Dewey
Updated over a week ago

Follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Information and click on Request for Information.

2. If any exist, a list of Request for Information objects will load with the item Name, Type, Request Date and Requested By details.

3. Click on Create New on the top right side of the page.

4. Next, give your RFI a Name (e.g., "DigiHack Request for Information") and a Description.

5. On the right side of the page under Information choose a Request Date. Next, provide the name of the Assigned analyst who will be engaged in the information gathering work.

Enter the name of the analyst making the RFI under Requested By.

Next, select the reason or Driver for the RFI from the drop-down menu.

6. When you are finished, click on the plus sign icon on the middle of the page to save the object profile.

Saved request for information

7. Next, if other RFIs exist seeking the same or similar information as the new request, click + Add under Linked Requests for Information.

Type the name of the already existing RFI then select it from the dropdown menu. Click Add when you're finished.

8. RFIs you add will be listed under Linked Requests for Information.

9. The Linked Responses section is used for linking relevant intelligence data such as Information Reports already in your system to the RFI.

10. On the right panel of the page, you can include file attachments to your report (e.g., text documents, PDF files, image and video files, etc.

Click on the plus sign icon and choose the file you want to add from your computer to the local system. Once uploaded to scoutTHREAT, the files can be downloaded or deleted.

NOTE: Information you enter on the page will be automatically saved. There is no Save.

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