scoutTHREAT - Adding Relationships and Sightings
Written by Benjamin Dewey
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Use the following steps to add a Relationship or Sighting to an object:

1. Select the type of object from the drop-down menu on the navigation bar then select the object to be updated.

2. To add a Relationship or Sighting to an object, Click the +Add button to the right of RELATIONSHIPS AND SIGHTINGS. This example uses a Malware object, but the process for other objects is identical.

Note that the Relationship or Sighting must already be present to add to the object. For more information about creating Relationships, see scoutTHREAT - Relationship Objects.

3. A New Relationship window will appear containing five boxes for relationship information.

  • (A) Drop-down menu to select Relationship or Sighting

  • (B) Drop-down menu for Relationship Type

  • (C) Drop-down menu for Object type

  • (D) Text-based menu to search for associated Target, if already entered

  • (E) Narrative field for adding relevant context

4. Newly added relationships will be listed below identity RELATIONSHIPS AND SIGHTINGS. Click the three dots below ACTIONS to view, edit, or delete a relationship.

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