scoutTHREAT - Relationship Objects
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A Relationship links together two or more objects. These connections allow the analyst to build more complete object profiles of an adversary's tactics or modus operandi.

Users will be able to add relationships to most objects which can be created or edited. For example, an Intelligence object such as a Threat Actor can have a Relationship or connection to a Tool (e.g., WannaCry Malware). That same Tool can also have a relationship to a certain Attack Pattern, and so on.
​Relationship Types

A Relationship type determines how the Relationship or connection occurs between objects. These relationship types can be phrases such as uses, related-to, duplicate of, targets, and others.

Users will have the option to add a Relationship type when creating a new Relationship.

For example, when creating a New Relationship for a Threat Actor object, users will be able to choose the Relationship type that connects it to another object, such as Target.

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