scoutTHREAT - Relationship Type and Intelligence Objects
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Each Intelligence object in scoutTHREAT contains a Relationship type set for its category that you can choose from when creating a new Relationship.

Below are some examples.

Relationship Examples for Attack Pattern

"Attack Pattern ABC" uses WannaCry Malware

WannaCry Malware is related-to "Attack Pattern ABC"

Relationship Examples for Campaign

"ABC Attack" is attributed-to "Threat Actor XYZ"

"ABC Attack" targets Acme Bank

Relationship Examples for Indicator

Eternal Blue Malware indicates "CVE: Vulnerability ABC"

"Threat Actor ABC" indicates "Attack Pattern XYZ"

Relationship Examples for Infrastructure

DigiHacks uses Kali-Linux

Cyber Hacker Ninjas **communicates-with** Dark Web entities

Relationship Examples for Location

San Francisco is related-to Twitter

Seattle is related-to Microsoft

Relationship Examples for Malware

Eternal Blue exploits "CVE: Vulnerability ABC"

WannaCry Malware targets Microsoft Windows operating systems

Relationship Examples for Threat Actor

"Threat Actor ABC" derived-from "Threat Actor Group XYZ"

"Threat Actor ABC" uses WannaCry malware

Relationship Examples for Tool

RustScan is derived-from NMAP

Nikto targets web servers

Relationship Examples for Vulnerability

"CVE: Vulnerability ABC" is a duplicate-of "CVE: Vulnerability XYZ"

"CVE: Vulnerability ABC" is related-to Eternal Blue Malware

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