scoutTHREAT - Using Search and Filters
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Follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Search.

2. If the data you are searching for is already in the system, then as soon as you start typing in the search box results will display.

โ€‹NOTE: The arrow points to the scroll bar you can use to view more results.

3. You can use Filters to narrow down your results by type or category. You can use as many filters as you want for any given search.

Clicking the Manage Columns button in the top right of the screen will give the option to add or subtract several additional columns. Note that if additional columns are added, the Manage Columns button will change to reflect the first selected column type.

To export results to a .csv file click the Export .CSV button. A pop-up window will allow the selection of any number of available object fields, which will appear as headers in the .csv file generated after clicking on the Export button.

4. Clicking on TICE Environment can show intelligence items that match your search, but are stored in the cloud. When you click on Download in TICE, the item will download from the cloud to the TICE Module.

5. After waiting a few minutes navigate to the TICE Module, then to the Validation page to look for the downloaded item. You must go through the validation process for the item to appear in your local scoutTHREAT system.

For more information on validating intelligence items in the TICE Module, see

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