scoutPRIME - User Management
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Users with admin privileges can carry out the following user management tasks within scoutPRIME:

NOTE: The following admin tasks can only be performed from LookingGlass Suite:

  • Add users

  • Disable users

  • Change or reset user passwords

  • Edit user privileges

Accessing the User Management UI

To access the User Management UI within scoutPRIME, follow these steps:

1. Click on Admin from your avatar's drop-down menu.

2. Click the User Management tab along the left side of the screen.

Filter Users

If you have a large number of entries in the screen, you can type a full or partial name into the Filter field at the top of the screen, and scoutPRIME will do a search-as-you-type query and display only the entries that contain the specified text.

To remove the filter, delete the contents of the Filter field.

Remove Users

If you have Admin privileges you can do clean-up of user instances on scoutPRIME's User Management page. This means that you can Remove users who are no longer Active on the platform. To permanently disable a user, you must use LookingGlass SUITE.

Manage User API Tokens

The User Management screen allows you to manage API tokens for your users.

1. Scroll down or use the Filter to locate the user’s record in the User Management screen.

2. Click the ellipsis () in the Actions column for the user record and then select Manage API Access Tokens.

3. You will be taken to the API Tokens section of the platform. Here you can Add Token or edit an already existing one.

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