scoutTHREAT - Version 12.4.2 Release Notes

Version 12.4.2 - June 6, 2022

Written by Benjamin Dewey
Updated over a week ago

Release Version 12.4.2

June 6, 2022

What's New

  • New Observable added:

    • Software

  • New Features

    • Ability to export search results to CSV file

    • New list view for notes on Intelligence Objects

    • HTML editor added to Threat Actor and Information report description box

    • Added additional STIX 2.1 fields for Identity Objects

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed a bug where clicking on certain Threat Actors resulted in an error.

  • Fixed an issue leading to incorrect search sorting and display.

  • Fixed an error resulting in some buttons displaying incorrectly.

Known Issues

No known issues for this release.

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