scoutPRIME - Threat Stats & Pull-Based Data Loads
Written by Benjamin Dewey
Updated over a week ago

The Threat Stats section of scoutPRIME is located under System Metrics. Here you can explore the TIC scores, name, and history of each threat associated with a particular scoutPRIME intelligence and data feed.

The pie chart on the Overview tab provides a summary of the threats by severity. If there is little or no malicious data currently associated with threats, the chart remains green.

You can view the following metrics in the Overview tab:

  • Threat TIC score breakdowns

  • Threat associations per day

  • Threats per feed

  • Compromised elements summary

The Feeds tab provides a list of feeds in the system, how many threats are derived from those feeds, and the total number of elements with some associated threat intelligence data.

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