scoutPRIME - Workflow Example: Creating a Notification
Written by Benjamin Dewey
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1. To create a notification, navigate to the collection you would like notifications for, then select Notifications from the Actions drop-down menu.

2. After the Notification page loads, click on New Notification.

NOTE: You can only create one notification at a time. For example, you cannot select to receive both a notification for rising TIC scores and a new Threat association.

3. Give your notification a Name and select the collection that you would like notifications for.

NOTE: When choosing to receive notifications on rising TIC scores, ensure you enter a base number (10 to 99) or you will receive an error message. For example, if you would like to be notified when a collection has a rising TIC score larger than 50, you would simply type in "50."

Next, select the type of notification that would like to create - there are five:

  • Notifications when the TIC score of a collection increases

  • Notifications when the TIC score of an element increases

  • Notifications when there is a new Threat association

  • Notifications when there is a new Vulnerability association

  • And, notifications when there is a new risk (a threat or vulnerability)

4. If you would like to receive a notification for a new Threat or Vulnerability association, you can choose to ignore sources (data feeds) or ignore certain Threats using the drop-down menus that will display.

5. Next, you can checkmark the box if you prefer to receive notifications by email. And, you can also add other team members to receive the same alert.

6. When you are finished, click Save. Your new notification will now appear on the list of Notifications.

7. If you would like to edit the notification, simply click on it from the list and the Update Notification window will load. When you are finished making edits, click Update.

Deleting a Notification

To delete a notification, just click on the ellipses (the three dots) under the Actions column, then select Delete Notification.

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