scoutPRIME - Element Details Overview
Written by Benjamin Dewey
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The Elements

You will be spending a lot of time viewing information and analyzing it in the Element Details page. The term "Element" in scoutPRIME is considered an online or network asset such as:

  • ASNs

  • IP Addresses

  • Domains (FQDNs)

  • CIDRs

  • Threats

  • Vulnerabilities

    โ€‹NOTE: Threats and Vulnerabilities fall under the term Associations in scoutPRIME.

The Details

After a search, the Element Details page can return important details about the Element such as:

  • Ownership (Registrant) information of the asset

  • Geolocation of the asset

  • WHOIS information

  • DNS history

  • Enumeration information of the asset's system or network

  • Associations (Threats and Vulnerabilities associated with the asset)

  • TIC score for the asset itself based on known Associations

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