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To do a standard search, the default setting is All.

1. For this workflow example, let's use an element such as an IP address - type it in the search box and press Enter. You may also get Suggestions from the system.

2. Your results will either appear on the Element Details page or as a list.
โ€‹Results List.

Listed results will display the Country name where the element was likely created or its geolocation. The Owners section displays the names of networks, companies or organizations associated with the element searched for. And, a TIC Score for the level of risk the element carries.

โ€‹ NOTE: The TIC score can change within minutes or days as scoutPRIME works in the background retrieving assets associated with the element you searched for.

A Result in Element Details Page

Results that open up in the Element Details page will display all the available information scoutPRIME was able to retrieve for that instance. Including:

The number of Active Risks, the number of saved Collections that the element appears in, and Any Activity that scoutPRIME has logged for that element in the last 24 hours. And, TIC score

  • Ownership information

  • Collections

  • DNS History

  • Host Enumeration

  • Product Information (if applicable)

  • Location

  • Whois

  • Hashes

  • Notes

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