scoutINSPECT - Workflow: Creating a Report
Written by Benjamin Dewey
Updated over a week ago

To create an executive report to share with others, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Reports, then on the page click on + Add New.

2. Next, provide a Name for your report and select Executive Reports from the Type drop-down menu. You can select a date range for the data you would like in the report.


3. When you are finished click Save.

4. The report will now appear on the Reports table. Note that its Status will return as Pending while scoutINSPECT works in the background to gather the data. Actions will show as None, meaning that you cannot download the report yet.

5. After two or three minutes you can refresh the page to check if the report is ready. The status will now show as Created and in the Actions column you will see the download icon.


​NOTE: You can choose to navigate away from the Reports page to continue working and return later to download the PDF.

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