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Adding your network(s) IP address to scoutINSPECT is one of the most essential things to do in order to start the digital footprinting process.

With your IP, active scanning of your online assets begins and the data is collected and added to your inventories.


Adding a Network

To add a network to scoutINSPECT, follow these steps:

1. To add a network to scoutINSPECT, go to Organizations, click on the Networks tab, then on Add Network.

2. A dialog box will appear displaying the number of networks seeding your organization and the maximum number of networks you can add with your subscription. You will also see the Collection Frequency.
Next, type in the IP address and add the mask (/24) to the end of it. For example, Without adding the mask you will not be allowed to proceed.

3. Next, it's optional to add a Default Owner -- this must be a user or admin already in the team.

4. You must provide a Description before you can press Save. This can be one or a few sentence describing what the IP address is for.

5. When you are finished, click Save.

The new network will now display on the Networks page as Enabled.


6. If you're unable to add more networks, click on the information icon.

A banner will provide you with the details of how many networks are seeding data and if you have reached the maximum number of IPs you can add.

You can click on the link to send a message to LookingGlass if you would like to discuss or change your subscription.

Edit or Delete a Network

To edit a network or delete it from the system, click on the three dots to the right of the IP address, then make your selection.

  1. When you click on edit, you will be able to update the Default Owner and the Description. You can also add Tags. You cannot edit the Network Address.

    2. If you selected Delete you will see a window pop-up asking for confirmation.

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