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scoutINSPECT is a powerful attack surface management tool that discovers your digital footprint by tracking and inventorying all of your online assets - IP addresses, domain names, DNS Records, cloud storage, network records, security certificates, and more - then identifies their potential security issues, vulnerabilities, software, and risky port services.

As threat actors actively seek to find weaknesses in your assets and networks, scoutINSPECT helps cybersecurity teams stay ahead of the game with sophisticated monitoring, intelligence data, and mitigation options.

Here are some of the ways scoutINSPECT can help Blue and Red Teams defend their organization's attack surface:

  • scoutINSPECT uses some of the same powerful tools that hackers use to scan systems so that analysts are never at a disadvantage.

  • Assets can be easily monitored through visual dashboards equipped with intelligent charts and graphs that offer analysts essential snapshots of their inventory assets.

  • Every scan of your online assets generates information on discovered vulnerabilities, details of modes of exploitation, and recommendations for patching up affected services.

  • A robust, web-based communication system that allows analysts to rapidly carry out incident response activities and keep other team members abreast of how events are being handled.

  • Integration with AWS to detect potential data leaks.

  • And more!

The user documentation on this Knowledge Base will help you make the most of scoutINSPECT's features and provides you with workflows that model real life scenarios so you can jump in to action within minutes.

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