scoutTHREAT - Adding a Malware Analysis Object
Written by Benjamin Dewey
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Follow these steps:

1. To add a Vulnerability Object, navigate to Intelligence, then click on Malware Analysis.

2. If any exist, a list of Malware Analysis objects will load with the item Name, Type, date Created and Modified.

3. Click on Create New on the top right side of the page.

4. Type in the Product Used.

According to STIX Version 2.1, the name of the analysis engine or product that was used. Product names SHOULD be all lowercase with words separated by a dash "-".

For cases where the name of a product cannot be specified, a value of "anonymized" MUST be used.

5. Next, it's optional to add the Version of the product used to perform the analysis.

6. Under Information, it's optional to add any other Details.

For more information about the fields on the form, go to the STIX Version 2.1 documentation page at,

7. When you are finished, click the plus sign to save.

8. You can also add an External Reference by clicking +Add.

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