scoutTHREAT - Creating a Checklist

Steps for creating a basic Checklist

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Follow these steps:

1. To add a new checklist, navigate to Workflow, then select Templates.

2. If any exist, a list of draft checklists will load with the item Name, Type, date Created and Modified.

3. Click on Create New on the top right side of the page.

4. Enter a name for your Checklist Template. Click the checkmark below the field to save.

5. The first field under Tasklist should ideally contain a Checklist item that is a priority. For example, "Gather new intelligence on Eternal Blue Malware."

6. Click on the plus sign to add subtasks needed to tackle the main priority task. For example, "Schedule new Threat Queries on TICE" or "Do a search on Eternal Blue on Google," etc. Each subtask you create will be numbered.

7. You can also create a subtask for a subtask by clicking the plus sign next to the field. For example, if a subtask is to "Schedule new Threat Queries on TICE", then its subtask could be, "Include adding TICE Threat Queries to next week's workplan".

8. To remove subtasks, click on the X.

9. To move subtasks up or down the checklist tree, click on the arrows.

10. Click on Save template to save a draft of your checklist.

11. To Publish your checklist, click on the icon with the up arrow on the top right side of the page.

NOTE: After you Publish a checklist, you will not be able to make any updates or edits to it.

13. To deactivate a draft or unpublished checklist, click on deactivate icon on the top right side of the page. A pop-up window will be displayed to confirm deactivation, click OK if you want to proceed, or Cancel.

NOTE: Once deactivated, an unpublished Checklist cannot be re-activated.

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